A new level of efficiency: BOGE effilence

A new level of efficiency: BOGE effilence!

Mã số: P01017

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Model: Boge Effective

Nhà sản xuất: BOGE Kompressoren

Nơi sản xuất: Đức

Lượt xem: 2.033

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BOGE effilence is the most efficient air end ever built by BOGE. Its name stands for two of its hallmarks: efficient compression (efficiency) and incomparably quiet operation (silence). This wholly BOGE developed and built air end will guarantee highest standard state-of-the-art technology: Take advantage now of a new level of efficiency!

A new level of efficiency.

  • In-house developed 5:6 screw profile of the rotors
  • Silky-smooth rolling properties
  • Optimal configuration of the performance ranges
  • High efficiency due to minimum performance loss
  • High volumetric efficiency 

A new level in quiet running. 

  • Significantly lower speed compared to previous air ends
  • Reduced vibration and oscillation 
  • Sound insulation is ensured at the very core

A new level of longevity and quality. 

  • Designed for a long operating life
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Developed and built by BOGE
  • Temperature-compensated processes 
  • Extremely low manufacturing tolerances 

Please look forward to the new premium air end from BOGE!


Họ tên:Mr Cuong 
Chức vụ:Director
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